Lucky Seven, The-Cardinals-Are-Coming edition

1. Bigger loss: Matt Kemp or Roy Halladay?


2. The current top-5 in the NL in home runs is: Beltran, Braun, Gonzalez, Stanton, Kemp. Who finishes on top (even if it’s not one of those guys)?


3. Who would you rather have for the next 10 years: Mike Trout or Bryce Harper?


4. Who’s more likely to make the playoffs: fifth-place Red Sox or fifth-place Phillies?


5. Are we going to have a Triple Crown winner (horse variety, not baseball) this year?


6. Kings or Devils?


7. Best beach in America?




1) Kemp, Phillies have numerous replacements. And Roy isn’t even performing like usual. Kemp is.
2) Stanton, he’s the only one that seems he can stay 100% healthy.
3) Harper, can’t go wrong with either one. Harper is a better hitter.
4) Red Sox. They can put up runs. Phillies can’t.
5) He’s closer to succeeding than failing.
6) Kings.
7) I’m bias towards Destin, FL. Been going there for many years. But, it still has white sands and clear water. Not to mention the great restraunts that surrounds the beach.

1) Kemp. Phillies have a little bit of pitching depth.
2) Stanton- has the most power of those five.
3) Trout- plays an up-the-middle position.
4) BoSox- easier path than the Phils.
5) No
6) Neither

1) Kemp definitely. everyday superstar over starting pticher any day.

2) I’m thinking Beltran if healthy. Stanton’s park is a disadvantage.

3) Harper. Trout got a taste last year and this is Harper’s first stint. Let him finish getting a feel for the bigs.

4) Red Sox. Phillies have too many injuries. Plus, I think the Jays and Orioles will slide. Not so for the NL East teams.

5) I hope so.

6) I’m rooting Devils, but my head says Kings.

7) In US? No idea. In the continent, Red Frog, Bocas del Toro, Panama.

1) Kemp–was playing at a higher level
2) Stanton
3) Trout
4) Phills–Trust that the pitching staff will regain form at some point. Sox too many ?s
5) No sir
6) Kings–playing unbeatable puck right now
7)Pacific Beach in San Diego!

1- Kemp. That lineup is bad WITH him in it. Without him it’s expansion team-level.

2- CarGo. #Coors

3- Bryce Harper. Both are remarkable. I’ll take the guy with the 80 arm and 80 power.

4- Phillies. The NL East is good but it’s not on par with AL East. Phillies will rally.

5- no

6- Kings

7- not a big beach lover, but had some fun times on a couple of trips to Cocoa Beach, FL

1. Kemp b/c of Hamels and Lee
2. Stanton. Guy is a monster.
3. Harper. All tools.
4. Sox. Don’t think either will. Fine by me.
5. I sure hope so. Either way good for racing. I say yes.
6. Kings. Hot goalies win cups.
7. Sandy shores of Lake Superior in Marquette, MI.

1) Kemp: everyday player has more impact than a starter every 5 days.
2) Cargo: Coors Field should help out a lot
3) Trout: I’ll take the center fielder
4) Red Sox: offense is legit, and they’ll pick up a pitcher somehow
5) Think he’s got a good chance but I don’t know enough about horses to put money on it
6) Kings seem to have that playoff magic
7) only beach I’ve ever been to is Palm Beach

1. Matt Kemp.

2. Stanton or Kemp finish on top.

3. Would rather have Trout probably.

4. Phillies are a better bet to make playoffs. I will never count on a Bobby Valentine

5. Not this year. Seems like we get close quite often, but it never come to fruition.

6. Who I want to win: Devils…wanna see Brodeur and Holik get one more, plus I’m a StL guy so I would love to see Bryce Salvador and Cam Janssen get their names on the Cup.

7. I have been to quite a few, and my three favorites are Siesta Beach in Sarasota, Fla., Secret Beach on the Island of Kauai in Hawaii, and Butterfly Beach in Santa Barbara, CA.

1. Kemp
2. CarGo
3. Bryce Harper
4. Phillies
5. Yes
6. Kings

Ok I’ll bite:

1) Halladay b/c Phils are already thin.
2) Braun. Best home hitting environment.
3) Trout. CF
4) Red Sox. Better all around team.
5) No. Been disappointed too many times to say yes.
6) Kings. More unbeatable than Spurs at the moment.
7) Don’t know. I live in STL. I really liked Pensacola Beach when I was there.

1. Kemp, best player in baseball right now.
2. Stanton. No park is a factor for that guy.
3. Trout, give me the centerfielder
4. Red sox, but neither team makes it.
5. Yes in both !
6. Couldnt care less
7. Daytona

1. Kemp
2. Stanton
3. Trout
4. Red sox
5. Yes
6. Kings
7. Myrtle beach

1) Kemp, have you seen their lineups recently?
2) Stanton, when you can break stuff in your stadium then it’s not that much of a disadvantage
3) Harper… he’s 19!
4) Red Sox, history and their offense is good enough
5) No, and the loss of great pun headlines will be great, “I’ll Have Another Finally Satisfied”
6) Devils, I have too much love for Brodeur
7) Not a lot of experience, but my guess would be somewhere out in Hawaii

1. I’ll go with Roy Halladay. The Phillies already face huge injury losses and their pitching was the one thing they could hang their hat on. Also, the East is a much tougher division than the west, where Kemp resides. The Dodgers pitching will carry them until Kemps’ return.

2. My heart says Beltran (Cardinal fan) but I think it’ll be a ‘horse race’ till the end. Braun has no support behind him right now and that will be exploited over the year. Kemp is currently on the DL and needs to stay healthy. Stanton will be facing tough pitching all year in the east and will not be getting help in the large park he calls home. I like Gonzales’ odds out west if he stays healthy. Nevermind…I’m going with my heart and say Carlos Beltran.

3. I’m going to say Trout over Harper because I’m already tired of all the attention Harper gets. I do think the coolest part about Hamels hitting Harper on purpose was that Bryce stole home on him. That was very sweet revenge. That’s how you play the game.

4. I’m going with the Phillies again, because of pitching. Good pitching wins. Don’t see Boston’s staff hanging with Philly’s.

5. I am really hoping for horse racing’s sake, we see a triple crown winner. I’d also love to see it myself so I’m saying yes, I’ll Have Another wins the crown.

6. Kings are a team of destiny right now. They’re freight training to the Cup.

6. The only beach I’ve been to is Times Beach so I can’t honestly answer that. Pebble Beach looks awesome while watching the Pro Am!

1. Doc Halladay
2. Beltran, if he can stay healthy. Same can be said of Kemp. Going with the killer B
3. Mike Trout
4. Phillies. Sox are still in self destruct mode.
5. Yes sir!
6. Devils for the mere fact the Kings knocked out the Blues, but my gut is saying the Kings.
7. Ha. I enjoy the guy who said “Times Beach”. I worked in California for a while and I have to go with Pebble Beach, Carmel, and Capatola.

1 Kemp, the everyday player.
2 no idea but I’ll go with Stanton cause I sense he really wants it
3 my answer would be based on media hype … So pass
4 phillies with their pitching – even without Halladay for a while.
5 good chance. I’ll Have Another looks strong and finishes strong. Wonder what happens as they go long at Belmont
6 I swear I would have said Kings even before they went up 2-0
7 continental US: Coney Island (power to the people!). Overall: Kaanapali, west Maui

1. Have to go with Kemp. Critical piece of an otherwise lackluster offense.
2. Gonzalez. Ballpark edge.
3. Probably Trout since he’s a CF, and good CFs are a hotter commodity.
4. Phils, if the pitching is healthy enough.
5. No. Hopefully not with this horse.
6. Would be nice to see the Kings take it.
7. Clearwater is my favorite.

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