Lucky Seven, Interleague edition

1. Best catch to help preserve a no-no: DeWayne Wise, Mike Baxter or Gregor Blanco?


2. The Nationals have the biggest division lead of any team in baseball. You buying?


3. Who should start the All-Star Game for the NL? Strasburg? Cain? Dickey? Beachy? Lynn? Other?


4. Angels and Giants are both 3 1/2 back. Which team has the better chance of winning its division?


5. NBA Finals: who ya got?


6. GOAT: Nadal, Federer, Sampras, Laver, other?


7. It’s Father’s Day this weekend. Tell me something cool about your dad. Mine was/is the absolute king of “creative” cooking and making casseroles out of whatever was in the house. This may not sound like much; trust me it’s a heck of a skill.




1) Wise
2) In that trend will continue? Sure, why not
3) Strasburg
4) Giants
5) Heat in 7
6) Federer
7) I was always sort of embarrassed by my father when I was in elementary school, because he was always sort of quiet and spoke in really broken English to my friends. Then I visited China for the first time, where he turned into this charming, charismatic stud of a human being (this is where I get it from, obvs). Completely changed my PoV on him

1. DeWayne Wise
2. Not saying they’ll win, but they’ll be in the hunt by season’s end.
3. #givelancechants
4. Angels
5. Thunder Up!
6. Federer
7. My dad was a volunteer firefighter. His handle on the scanner was Seventy Two Oh Three.

1. Yes
2. Blanco
3. Lynn
4. Giants
5. Heat
6. Sampras
7. My dad has the exact same cooking talent. But because you’ve already used this, I’ll choose something else: my dad was born on a U.S. base in Germany. He could still become president because he was technically born on U.S. soil.

Oops. Switched #1 and #2.

1- DeWayne Wise. His catch didn’t need to part of a perfect game in order to be great.

2- Yes. Phillies appear cooked. I don’t buy into the rest of the division as being good enough to conquer Nats.

3- Strasburg. He’s the NL version of Verlander.

4- Giants. Rangers are best team in MLB, Angels won’t win that division.

5- pass

6- Federer. Nadal might make me change that answer in a couple of years.

7- My dad worked his ass off to pay for his 3 sons to get a quality education at private schools in STL. At the time, I took that for granted. Looking back, I’m eternally thankful.

1. All 3 were outstanding, it would be close to impossible to rank them. So I’d say Wise because he had to had to catch it a second time

2. Buying. Even if they don’t win the East they’ll get a WC spot.

3. Dickey. Based on the fact he has been through a lot. This could be the last All-star year he has, while the other 3 are very young.

4. Angels have one team to beat. While SF has 2. So LAA.

5. Been a Miami fan my whole life.

6. Don’t watch that tennis, so I’ll say Nadal.

7. He is a guy who knows pretty much anything about everything life has to throw at you.

1. Wise, since it’s the only one I saw.

2. Yes, Young talented pitching staff leads the way.

3. Strasburg. Showcase the best young pitcher in the game today.

4. Giants. Texas is just too good.

5. Thunder. Better bench.

6. Graf. Only player ever to win the Golden Slam.

7. My dad has survived a horrible car crash and cancer. Still alive and kicking strong.

1. Wise
2. No
3. Dickey
4. Angels
5. Thunder
6. Borg
7. In the 60s, my dad did the sports on the local nightly newscast. In 1968, he predicted on-air that the Cardinals would win the World Series(he was a lifelong Cards fan, just like me). Well, we all know how that went, don’t we? Anyway, at the time, Charles Gibson(yes, THE Charles Gibson) was the news anchor, and also happened to be a Cubs fan. The night of the Game 7 loss, Charlie had the crew drape my dad’s desk in black, and someone bought a frozen chicken and painted it black, to represent the crow my old man was going to have to eat. To his credit, my father went through with the sports report, and said he would gladly eat crow for his faulty prediction. THAT was the kind of guy my father was, and I miss him every day.

1 Wise’s was most spectacular.
2. Absolutely.
3. LaRussa should name Dickey, then start Lynn and blame it on the bullpen phone.
4. Angels. SFG will miss the beard.
5. Heat.
6. Rod Laver. 2 natural grand slams says it all.
7. My dad knew everybody and everybody liked him.

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