Point 1:

Anyone who claims to know with any certainty what will happen in a single baseball game is a fool, a liar, or both.

Point 2:

Always remember point 1.

Point 3:

We can still estimate what’s most likely to happen. So I’ll give it a shot. Division Series (and beyond) previews coming tomorrow.

Point 4:

In the early game, I’ve got the Braves, but not with a lot of confidence. I think if it comes down to one thing, it comes down to Atlanta’s left-handed hitters in the middle to late innings, where the Cards are short on ways to counter left-handed hitters. I’d feel a lot better about the Cardinals’ chances in this game if they had one more quality lefty reliever.

Point 5:

In the late game, I’ve got the Rangers for the simplest possible reason: starting pitching. If this turns into a bullpen game, or if the O’s can get an early lead, they’ll have a very real shot. But it’s hard for me to shake the idea that it’s going to be 5-1 Rangers or so by the fourth or fifth inning.

Point 6:

Above all else, remember point 1. I will not be shocked if the Cardinals and Orioles each win by 6 runs.

Happy playoffs, y’all.



You meant Cards and Orioles. Didn’t win by six, but both won. This is what’s so great about baseball… Rule #1 baby!

You said Cards and Orioles. No idea how I miss read that. Good call man. Really it happened in the scenarios you postulated

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