Spring Training, Day 4: The streak continues

So, I have a pretty cool streak going right now.Today was the third straight day I’ve seen at least one of the top prospects in baseball play a significant role in a game. On Tuesday it was Oscar Taveras (No. 3 according to MLB.com’s Jonathan Mayo) and Jackie Bradley Jr. (No. 32). Yesterday it was Dylan Bundy (No. 2). Today, Nick Castellanos (No. 21), and for good measure, Matt Moore, who was a consensus top-5 pick one year ago.

They’ve pretty much all impressed in the limited time I’ve seen them, and Castellanos was no exception. He had three hits, including a sweet line drive to right-center on an inside-out swing. I am decidedly NOT a scout, but I enjoyed watching him hit.

I was also very excited about finally writing and filing a story I’ve been tossing around in my mind for, no exaggeration, several months. It’s about the Rays, and it should be on their site soon. Do check it out.

Today’s game in a nutshell: Anibal Sanchez was pretty sharp, the Rays’ relievers were not, and the Tigers rolled to an 11-2 win. Austin Jackson homered and Miguel Cabrera had a single and a double.

Quote of the day: “This is an organization where people are allowed to be themselves. We all, just like in our citizen life outside the baseball field, we all have views. We all have beliefs. We all have different opinions on things. But here, we accept everyone’s beliefs and personalities. The differences that we may have as individuals. But we also like to use that as variety. We all bring something to the table. As a group, we all work together to accomplish that same goal where we’re unified to go out there and win baseball games, be good teammates, care for each other. Regardless of what our differences are or where we come from. It doesn’t matter. We’re allowed to be ourselves, and the end result is we play well together, we care for each other, and it’s a good formula for success on a baseball field.” – Luke Scott, whose views and beliefs have certainly attracted some attention.

Player of the day: What the hey, let’s go with Castellanos. 3-for-3, a run, an RBI, and now 6-for-9 with four runs scored on the spring.

Miles driven: 97 so far today, 533 for the trip.

Miles run: 3 today, 9 for the trip (all on the treadmill; need to change that)

Starbucks trips: 1 today, 4 for the trip (People, seriously, the line inside is going to be quicker. I promise. Get out of your car. No, wait. Don’t. I like getting in and out of there quickly.)

Up next: I’ll see these Rays one more time, and the Blue Jays for the first time, in Dunedin. I’ll be on columnist duty, trying to figure out something to write about the Jays that hasn’t already been written 10 times in the past four months.

And, finally, the playlist:

They were playing a lot of Stones this morning at the ballpark, and I’m always in favor of that. But I’ll go for a little twist, and make it five Stones favorites from the post-Tattoo You years.

“One Hit (To the Body)”
“Wanna Hold You”
“Saint Of Me”
“Baby Break It Down”
“Slipping Away”


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