Spring Training, Day 11: Oh no biggie, just Rivera, Jeter and Teixeira news

I knew that taking the Yankees beat for a couple of days would mean I was busy. I didn’t quite realize how busy.

So, yeah. Mark Teixeira spoke to reporters today for the first time since his injury. The Yankees announced that Derek Jeter has been cleared for full baseball activities, meaning he could be in a game before long. Oh, and by the way, Mariano Rivera apparently will announce on Saturday that he’s retiring at the end of the year.

Yankees beat writers, you have my admiration but not my envy.

As a result of the chaos, I don’t really have any fully-formed thoughts about the Yankees following today’s game. But I do think there’s very real reason for concern about this team, and it’s not just because of they guys they’ll do with out in May. It’s unclear what they’ll be getting from their rotation beyond Sabathia. It’s unclear what they’ll get from catcher, third base, DH, and the outfield even if people are healthy.

It could work. I’m not writing them off. But I think there were issues with a fully healthy Yankees team, never mind one as banged up as they are.

Today’s game in a nutshell: It was a back-and-forth affair but the Cardinals had the final say. Kolten Wong’s two-run homer in the ninth tied it after New York led, 6-4. Then two errors and an Adron Chambers single brought home the game-winner — thus sparing Wong from a kangaroo court fine for sending a spring game into extra innings.

Quote of the day: “I have a lot of guys that say they play first base now.” — Joe Girardi, on the available playing time in the absence of Teixeira

Player of the day: Pete Kozma, the presumptive shortstop for the 2013 Cardinals, had a very nice day. He was 2-for-3 with a run and an RBI and turned a sweet double play.

Miles driven: 6 today, 1062 for the trip

Miles run: 3 today, 22 1/2 on the trip

Starbucks visits: 1 today (there’s one literally in the parking lot of my hotel), 11 for the trip

Up next: Once again tomorrow I fill in for the esteemed Bryan Hoch. This time it’s Yankees at Marlins, with Adam Warren facing off with Nathan Eovaldi.

And, finally, the playlist:

I’ve spent several days complaining about the music here at Roger Dean. Well, today, postgame, they played some really good stuff. So here are five of the highlights:

Rolling Stones, “Let It Loose”
Bob Marley, “Exodus”
Steely Dan, “My Old School”
Allman Brothers Band, “Statesboro Blues”
Rolling Stones, “Paint It Black”

(I’m a Stones fan, so they get two. Sue me.)


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