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Monday evening tidbits: Ryan, K.Greene, Lohse, Pujols

Monday evening tidbits from beautiful Citi Field:

* Brendan Ryan has been cleared to play after dealing with cramps recently. He said he has been told that the issue may not relate to dehydration, but rather to nutrition. He was down a few pounds from where he started the season, and said the club has had him try to put on some weight to get back to his Spring Training mark of 195 pounds.

* Khalil Greene was cleared and in the starting lineup at third base after being hit by a pitch on the inside of his right knee on Sunday.

* Kyle Lohse will throw another bullpen session tomorrow, and then again on Thursday. After that, the plan currently calls for him to throw a simulated game on Saturday. That would involve him facing hitters, and throwing three simulated “innings” of approximately 20 pitches each. If that went well, he would join the rotation before the All-Star break.

* Albert Pujols was named NL Player of the Week for the second time this year.

* First impressions of Citi Field: very nice ballpark, about on a par with Philly and Denver, two of my favorites, and not QUITE up to San Francisco, which IMO is the best place in baseball for a game. As for the vaunted concessions, first impression was excellent. Highly recommend the taco combo platter from the Taqueria in center field.

Today’s playlist:
Neko Case, “People Got a Lotta Nerve”
Letters to Cleo, “Step Back”
Material Issue, “Help Me Land”
R.E.M., “Supernatural Superserious”
MXPX, “Move to Bremerton”


The champagne of ballparks?

Your stat of the day:

Yadier Molina…

Career home runs at new Busch Stadium: 3
Career home runs at Miller Park: 4


Hail the Juice Box

I know, Cardinals fans, that this was not a fun series to watch. The club is not hitting like it ought to, for a variety of reasons.

I can tell you, though, this was a tremendous series to attend. First, Minute Maid Park is simply the best place to work in the National League. In every aspect that matters to someone covering a game, it’s top-flight. Well, they’ve started cranking the music up WAY too loud (I know, if it’s too loud, I’m too old. Whatever.), but aside from that, zero complaints.

But more than that, there’s a charge at this place when the Cardinals come to town. With no insult intended to the intensity of Cardinals fans, I believe this is true: beating the Cards means more to Astros fans than beating the Astros means to Cards fans. This place has a near-playoff atmosphere for every regular-season game between these two teams.

It’s great fun. If you’re a Cardinals fan, and you’ve never been to an STL-HOU game at Minute Maid Park, you owe it to yourself to make the trip sometime. It’s a great experience.

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