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Lucky Seven, crab-cakes-and-Cuban-food edition

OK, I don’t actually eat crab cakes, but everybody else who comes to Baltimore does. And you can bet I’ll be having some Cuban food in St. Petersburg and/or Tampa.

1. Over-under date for Albert Pujols’ return to the active roster: Aug. 1. What say you, sooner or later than that?

2. What should be the front office’s primary acquisition goal before the non-waiver Trade Deadline?

3. Assuming Fernando Salas remains the closer, who is the best option on the current roster to be the primary setup man? (note: Eduardo Sanchez is not on the current active roster)

4. Which Cardinals should be All-Stars?

5. What’s the most surprising team in baseball, good or bad, at the halfway point?

6. Men’s tennis GOAT: Federer? Nadal? Sampras? Borg? Laver? Who ya got? (y’all: this means Greatest Of All Time)

7. Last really good album you bought?


Lucky Seven, Here-Come-The-Reds edition

1. Simple question. Division winner. Reds, Cards, Cubs, Brewers: who ya got?

2. What should the Cardinals do about the ninth inning? Boggs? Motte? Batista? Sanchez? Committee? Back to Franklin soon?

3. How should the Cardinals apportion time at second base while Skip Schumaker is out? Options include Punto, Descalso, and Greene.

4. Jaime Garcia currently leads the Cardinals in strikeouts, followed by Lohse, and then Carpenter. At the end of the year, which Cardinals hurler will have the most Ks?

5. Are you following NFL Draft stuff? If so, who should the Rams take? If you’re a fan of another team, who do you want your team to take in the first round?

6. I say Archer is the funniest show on TV. What say you?

7. Best album you’ve heard so far this year?


Lucky Seven: Happy Opening Day edition

1. Which player not in the Opening Day lineup (or season-opening pitching rotation) will have the biggest impact on the 2011 Cardinals?

2. Who will end up being the primary setup man for this team, or is that pitcher not currently on the roster?

3. Give me slash-line (AVG/OBP/SLG) guesses for Berkman and Theriot this year.

4. Was Jaime Garcia’s last spring start enough to ease your mind, or are you worried about how he will perform this year?

5. Give me one fearless prediction for the National League this year.

6. What’s your Final Four prediction?

7. Where are you watching today’s game?


Lucky Seven, Halfway-home edition

We’ve passed the halfway point in Spring Training. Three weeks from today is Opening Day. Sounds like a good time for a Lucky Seven.

As always, if a question doesn’t interest you, just don’t answer it. 
1. Who pitches more innings for the Cardinals this year: Kyle Lohse or Kyle McClellan? If they’re both starters, who posts the lower ERA?
2. Assuming McClellan moves into the rotation, and assuming that Franklin, Motte and Boggs have three right-handed spots locked up in the bullpen, who will get the other two spots? Who should? (assuming a seven-man pen, and exactly two lefty relievers)
3. How many games will Lance Berkman start in the 2011 regular season?
4. What about David Freese?
5. Given the injury issues with the Cardinals, Phillies and to a lesser extent Brewers, who is the team to beat in the National League right now?
6. What’s the last good nonfiction book you read?
7. Last good novel?

Lucky Seven rides again

OK, you guys know the drill. Answer as many as you like, or as few as you want. But if you don’t know or don’t care or whatever, just ignore it. No reason to take shots.

And I do believe this Lucky Seven will be a Pujols-free zone.
1. How many regular-season games will Jim Edmonds play in for the Cardinals in 2011?
2. Where in the batting order (not where on the field — what place in the batting order, 1-9) will Lance Berkman get the most plate appearances this year? Where SHOULD he get the most plate appearances?
3. Who will get the most plate appearances as the Cardinals leadoff man this year? Who should?
4. If you were the manager, who would be the Opening Day starting pitcher?
5. Which team is the best in the National League Central?
6. Who’s going to win the Daytona 500?
7. What’s your favorite awards show? Why?

Lucky Seven, Oh-No-A-Losing-Streak Edition

1. Keeping in mind actual baseball and personal realities, what’s the best course of action regarding Kyle Lohse? Try to skip him once or twice as off days allow? Send him to the ‘pen? DL him with a phantom injury? Stay the course? And, again, understand that you are talking about a veteran with pull in the clubhouse and $30 million or so left on his contract. And if you replace him, you have to replace him WITH someone.

2. Keeping in mind actual baseball and personal realities, what’s the best course of action at shortstop? Keep playing Ryan till he gets sorted out? Play Greene regularly till Lopez comes back? Spot Greene here and there? Just make do until Lopez returns and then play Lopez semi-regularly? 
3. Who should lead off for the Cardinals against left-handed pitchers?
4. What’s the best single pitch on the Cardinals’ staff? Penny’s fastball? Wainwright’s curve? Franklin’s knuckler? (just checking if you’re paying attention) Something else entirely?
5. Which team is the biggest surprise, whether it be positive or negative, in the National League thus far?
6. Preakness: who ya got?
7. It’s been a really amazing year for music already. What’s your favorite album of the year to date?

Lucky Seven, back-to-blogging edition

Chess Match will return tomorrow, so check back then. But in the meantime, let’s get back to another, formerly regularly-scheduled, old feature. Here’s a Lucky Seven for your conversational enjoyment.

1. Risking TLR’s wrath, how many home runs will Colby Rasmus hit this year? How about David Freese?
2. What’s one thing about the 2010 Cardinals through 22 games that has been different from what you expected?
3. What’s one aspect of the team you still think needs to be upgraded?
4. Who’s the best player in the National League not named Albert Pujols?
5. Who’s the best pitcher in the National League?
6. What’s your favorite dish at any restaurant in StL? (Or in your town, if you’re not in StL)
7. Who you got in the Derby?

Lucky Seven, Where-Have-You-Been Edition

Lucky Seven returns, finally. For those who don’t know, or have forgotten, the guidelines, they’re pretty simple. Answer any and all that you want. If the question doesn’t interest you, just ignore it. If you want to discuss others’ answers, great, please do. But personal insults, etc., are completely unwelcome and will be deleted.

1. Who will get the most plate appearances in the No. 2 spot in the Cardinals’ order this year? Who should get the most?
2. Where would you bat Colby Rasmus? Fifth, as they’ve been doing? Second? Sixth or seventh behind Ludwick and maybe even Molina? Leadoff?
3. How should the Cardinals handle the eighth-inning job? McClellan? Motte? Trade for someone? 
4. How many innings will Jaime Garcia pitch for the Cardinals this year?
5. Which four teams will make the playoffs in the National League this year?
6. Who will win The Masters? Who do you want to win it?
7. What’s the best album of the year so far?

Lucky Seven, OYNAG-is-not-dead edition

This seems like the best way to bring back OYNAG, which I admit has been languishing.

1. Who gets your vote for NL Cy Young? Who will actually win it?

2. Who gets your vote for NL Rookie of the Year? Who will win it? NOTE: If you say Rasmus, please defend your choice. I love his future, but it’s hard for me to see how his year makes him a better candidate than any of the three pitchers, or the two Pirates.

3. I’ll pass on asking about MVP, but who gets your vote for NL Manager of the Year? Who will win it?

4. Simple question: For what team will Matt Holliday play in 2010?

5. What’s the most you’d be willing to go, in terms of years and dollars, to sign Holliday in St. Louis?

6. Who will meet in the BCS title game? Right now it’s clearly a collision course between Texas and the SEC champ. Will that stand, or will it get messy?

7. We’re a couple of months into the new TV season. What new shows, if any, do you recommend?


Lucky Seven, Here-Come-the-Cubs Edition

1. The earliest that the Cardinals can possibly clinch the division is Monday, Sept. 21, in Houston. The magic number is 8. On what day will they actually clinch?

2. Cy Young: Lincecum, Wainwright, Carpenter, other… Who ya got?

3. What is your biggest worry regarding the Cardinals as October approaches?

4. What National League team would provide the toughest test for the Cardinals in a playoff series?

5. What new or returning TV series are you most excited about? (The Office returns tonight! Woo!)

6. Fall starts this week. What’s the best thing about fall?

7. What’s the best novel you’ve read recently?