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Lucky Seven, Footballmas edition

Trying to get Lucky Seven back into regular rotation. Slowly, surely building.

1. Who will finish with the best record in the National League?

2. How SHOULD John Smoltz be used in the postseason? How WILL he be used?

3. What one player not currently on the roster do you most hope gets a callup?

4. Which Cardinals will win major postseason awards? (MVP, Cy Young, Rookie, Manager)

5. Who wins the college football national title this year?

6. Who will win the men’s US Open? Women?

7. What’s your favorite seasonal coffee beverage? Mrs. Dude is big on the Pumpkin Spice, which debuted this week and is why I ask. I love the Peppermint Mocha. If you have a favorite that doesn’t come from the Empire, that’s great, would love to hear it.


Lucky Seven: OK, fine, call it a comeback

In case you’ve forgotten, we used to have a feature here called “Lucky Seven.” It’s back, at the urging of’s own T.R. Sullivan. Some Cardinals questions, some baseball questions, some non-baseball questions.

What I ask of you is pretty simple. 1. As always, be respectful of each other. 2. If one of the questions doesn’t interest you, just ignore it. No need to brag about how you don’t watch TV or listen to music or whatever. Just ignore it. Answer as many or as few as you like.

1. As currently constructed, where will the Cardinals finish in the NL Central? How many wins will they finish with? (Note: they’re currently on pace for 87 wins)

2. If the Cardinals could make one more addition (within reason; they’re obviously not getting Roy Halladay), what would you like to see them do? A setup man? A fifth starter? Bat off the bench?

3. Will Matt Holliday be a Cardinal in 2010? Will Mark DeRosa?

4. What’s the best team in baseball?

5. The “Six is a serious number” commercial: love it? Hate it? Think it’s so bad that it’s good?

6. What’s the best movie you’ve seen so far this summer?

7. What’s the song of the summer so far?


Lucky Seven, halfway-through-Spring edition

1. Which longshot/surprise pitcher has the best chance of making the team: McClellan, Parisi, Motte, someone else?

2. Which longshot/surprise hitter has the  best chance of making the team: Mather, Barden, Marti, someone else?

3. Reyes: one good, one bad so far. What’s your hope for him this year? What’s your expectation?

4. Who will be left-handers in the bullpen on Opening Day (could be one, two or three)? Who should be?

5. Are the Mets in big trouble or little trouble?

6. What’s your favorite non-baseball website?

7. Beach, mountains or desert?


Lucky Seven, the-Grapefruit-League-lives edition

1. What’s the best on-field development of the spring thus far?

2. What’s the worst on-field or injury development of the spring thus far?

3. At the END of the year, who will be the starting middle infielders?

4. What should the Cardinals do about a backup 1B? Use Chris Duncan? Use an infielder already on the roster? Carry Josh Phelps or perhaps Joe Mather? Sign a free agent (Julio Franco, Jeff Cirillo, Ryan Klesko, Shea Hillenbrand…)?

5. Who signs somewhere first: Bonds, Clemens or Piazza?

6. What band would you most want to see reunited? No limits here — even if half of them are dead, I don’t care. Who do you miss?

7. What’s one place you most want to visit before you die?

-M, listening to Jack Johnson’s Sleep Through the Static.

Above all else today, though, I want to send out two big greetings:

* A very, very happy anniversary to my parents. Thank you so much for everything.

* And a very, very happy birthday to my mother-in-law, who doesn’t deserve that title with all its negative connotations. Happy birthday, second mom!

Lucky Seven says, 'I'm not dead yet!'

With Dylan’s Blonde on Blonde playing, I present the return of Lucky Seven.

1. Out of all the various candidates — Reyes, Thompson, Wellemeyer, heck, even guys like Hawksworth and Boggs if you really like ’em — who should start the season as the fifth starter? Assuming Wainwright-Looper-Pineiro-Clement is pretty much locked in, and Mulder/Carpenter are unavailable.

2. Who’s the best choice to lead off, given the current roster?

3. Where will Colby Rasmus start the year? Where SHOULD he start the year?

4. What team will win the NL Central?

5. Who will be traded first? Erik Bedard or Johan Santana?

6. What’s going to win Best Picture? What should win? (candidates: Atonement, Juno, Michael Clayton, No Country For Old Men, There Will Be Blood)

7. What’s your favorite cold-weather food?


Lucky Seven, World Series edition

Coming to you from our windowless but climate-controlled workroom at Fenway Park…

1. What’s your take on the Cardinals re-upping TLR?

2. In what uniform will Anthony Reyes make his first 2008 start? St. Louis? Memphis? Other?

3. Reyes, Chris Duncan, Bryan Anderson and maybe Skip Schumaker seem to make up the Cardinals’ most attractive trade chips if they’re looking to acquire somebody in a deal. Of those players, which would you be most opposed to trading? Rasmus obviously would be very appealing to other teams too, but I believe he’s basically untouchable.

4. Who do you want to win the World Series? Who’s going to win?

5. Who will win the Nextel Cup?

6. How do you celebrate Halloween, if at all? Party? Handing out candy to kids? Got a costume picked out for this year? Etc etc etc…

7. Beatles or Stones?

-M, with Buffalo Tom playing on the iPod (which may give you a hint as to my vote on No. 7, as though one is needed).

Lucky Seven, Miami Week edition

1. What’s your take on the Pineiro signing? Loved it? Liked it? OK because it’s only two years? Reservations? Hated it?

2. A lot of people seem to be emailing me about second base, but the Cardinals have Adam Kennedy under contract. What do you think the plan should be? Let Kennedy show what he can do? Move Ryan? Sign Eckstein to play 2B (if he were willing, which is far from a guarantee)? Play Miles? If you say anything other than playing Kennedy, then you need to give a solution for Kennedy. Just bench him for the last two years of his deal? He pretty much can’t be traded at this point. Release him and eat the 7MM left on the contract?

3. What free agent pitcher interests you the most? Lohse? Silva? Schilling? Fogg? Jennings? Glavine?

4. What’s been your level of interest in this year’s playoffs?

5. ASIDE from Cubs-Cardinals, what’s your favorite rivalry in sports?

6. What’s the best or most memorable game or sports event you’ve seen in person?

7. What’s your favorite non-Cardinals blog?

-M, still trying to see if this new Radiohead album grabs me.

Lucky Seven, everything's-unsettled edition

1. Who do you want as GM?

2. Who do you predict gets the GM job?

3. Do you want TLR back as the manager?

4. Who do you think will be the manager?

5. Who will play in the World Series? Who wins it all?

6. Seen any new TV shows this fall that have caught your eye?

7. Seen any good movies lately? Any bad movies?

-M, with iTunes shuffling.

Lucky Seven, the end is in sight edition

1. The Cardinals have four remaining starts to divvy up among the back of the rotation. Wainwright, Pineiro and Looper are each set every fifth day from here on out. How should those other four games be apportioned?

2. What other players do the Cardinals need to be looking at for the final week and a half?

3. Who should be the starting shortstop in 2008? Jack Wilson? Edgar Renteria? David Eckstein? Brendan Ryan?

4. Where will Tony La Russa be on Opening Day 2008?

5. What’s the biggest surprise from football (college or pro) thus far this season?

6. This is the time of year when Oscar-candidate movies start showing up on screens, or at least start showing up in previews. Any trailers you’ve seen that you’re looking forward to"

7. What’s your favorite fall food/snack/treat/drink? I know it doesn’t feel like fall just yet here in STL, but let’s channel some nice cool weather, eh?


(currently playing on the iPod: Velocity Girl, Simpatico!)

Lucky Seven, the marathon begins edition

1. 35 games, 34 days. The Cards are 1-2 thus far. How many of the 35 do they win?

2. With Kennedy, Rolen and Spiezio all unavailable, the infield situation is pretty dicey. Given that there’s no way Pujols moves — his elbow won’t allow it — what do the Cardinals do? Play Miles at 2B and Ryan at 3B every day? Miguel Cairo at 3B? Brian Barden? Edgar Gonzalez? Rico Washington? Swing a deal for Mark Loretta (something I’ve thought they should find a way to do for a while now)? Taguchi at 2B regularly?

3. Mulder’s on the way back. What do you do with him? Bump Reyes? Bump Wells? Bump somebody else? Go to a six-man rotation? (ugh, not my preferred solution?) Get creative? What about something where Wainwright and Looper go every fifth day, and the other four guys get slotted into 3 spots based on matchups and whatnot? Or do you feel that they shouldn’t commit to Mulder yet?

4. The Brewers have Sheets back, but they still have bullpen issues. How legit a contender are they now with their ace back on the mound? Are you worried about them at all, or just the Cubs?

5. NFL season is coming soon. Give me one Rams prediction and one other NFL prediction. And also, whom should I take with the Nos. 9 and 12 picks in my fantasy draft? If you want to make suggestions for Mrs. Dude, who picks 10 and 11, please feel free. I hope she and I finish 1-2 in the league. Or 2-1.

6. My lovely bride has replaced her Song of Summer poll with a Movie of Summer poll. So consider yourself invited to follow that link and go vote, if you so desire. Now. What was your vote?

7. Mega Millions is 300-some million dollars, and Powerball just got up to some similarly ridiculous amount. If you won something like that, tell me one absolute extravagance you’d splurge on. Car, real estate, minor league baseball team, whatever. Remember, you’d have something like $150 million if you took the cash option, which would leave you about $70 or $80MM after tax. So, sadly, you couldn’t buy the Cardinals. But that’s still a lotta jack, so give me something fun, and give me details. I don’t just want to hear "car." I want to hear AMG CL65 Mercedes.


(now playing on the speakers: Maps, "We Can Create")