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Lucky Seven, back home and sweating edition

1. Give me a prediction for Mark Mulder for when he returns this year.

2. For strength and accuracy, where does Rick Ankiel’s throwing arm rank among current Major League outfielders?

3. Which is a truer measure of the quality of this year’s Cardinals team — their record (a fairly respectable two games under .500) or their run differential (a fairly brutal minus-67, fifth-worst in the NL)? Why do you feel the way you do?

4. What player not in the Hall of Fame most deserves to be there?

5. What song did you vote for in Mrs. Dude’s song of the summer poll?

6. What’s the defining summer drink for you, be it non-alcoholic or an adult beverage?

7. Van Halen reuniting: Thrilled, intrigued, don’t care, prefer Van Hagar…….?

Lucky Seven, Beertown edition

1. The Cardinals have seven outfielders under club control next year: Edmonds, Duncan, Encarnacion, Taguchi, Schumaker, Ankiel, Ludwick. What do you do with that glut?

2. What upgrades can and should this team make between now and Aug. 31? Or should they stand pat?

3. Over the season’s final six weeks, how should playing time be apportioned at second base?

4. In what order will the Brewers, Cards and Cubs finish? How many wins will it take to win the division?

5. There’s college football two weeks from tonight. Who will play in the national title game?

6. What’s the best/coolest/most fun college town in America?

7. Best ice cream around?

-M, blogging fiend today.

Lucky Seven, bridges edition

Greetings from beautiful PNC Park, where we could use some air conditioning but the view is lovely.

1. Which five pitchers (all must be currently healthy and in the organization) should make up the Cardinals’ starting rotation right now?

2. Of all the players who actually changed hands at the trading deadline, who do you most wish the Cardinals had acquired?

3. Aside from the Cardinals, who has the best uniforms in the National League?

4. Who’s the best team in the National League? Who’s the best team in the American League?

5. BBQ — Texas? North Carolina? Memphis? KC? St. Louis? Elsewhere? I’m not talking about a specific restaurant, I’m talking about styles.

6. Where is your favorite place to go swimming?

7. Seen the Simpsons Movie? Thoughts?


Lucky Seven, pre-deadline edition

With barely five hours until the Simpsons movie premieres on the East Coast, let’s get on with Lucky Seven. I almost wrote Lucky Sven, which I suppose might count as a Questionable Content reference. Anyway.

1. David Eckstein: sign him to a new deal, trade him before the deadline, or let him walk for draft picks after the year? If he’s gone, who is the 2008 shortstop?

2. Izzy: trade him? If you keep him, presumably you pick up the option for 2008. If you trade him, who closes next year?

3. As the team is currently made up, what should they do with the 2 spot in the order? Is there one guy you want there, or do you like the job-sharing arrangement?

4. Who will win the National League Central?

5. Let’s tip a cap to one of the great Internet phenomena of years past — the Road to Springfield, which was actually started by an old friend of mine. Who is the best Simpsons supporting character? That is, aside from the five main family members.

6. Who is the best character on TV today?

7. What’s the most beautiful natural site in America?

-M, completely addicted to the new White Stripes album.

Lucky Seven lives

It’s not the right day, but it’s been too long, so here is Lucky Seven, back in all its glory. Greetings from Atlanta, where it’s the last day of the road trip — so I get to see my beloved bride, as well as our two animals, tomorrow. Outstanding news indeed.

One reminder for those of you who are new or who may have forgotten. If you don’t have an answer to a question, that’s fine, just leave it blank. But please don’t give me sarcastic/snotty/whatever answers about how "there are no other sports but baseball" or "movies are useless to me" or whatever. If you don’t want to answer one of the questions, just don’t answer it. Also, don’t take shots at other people’s answers. Again, just answer the questions you want to answer, ignore the ones you don’t. Thanks.

With Heart by Stars playing on the iPod, here are the questions:

1. Are the Cardinals contenders for the 2007 postseason?

2. With that in mind, how should they approach the deadline? Blow the whole thing up? Be buyers, but only buyers to strengthen the 2008 team? Buyers in the short term, say with a boost to this year’s rotation or offense? Stand pat?

3. Do you have any concerns about how the Carpenter situation was handled? If so, what?

4. Aside from big league ballparks, what’s your favorite venue in sports? Anything goes, from the place where you played your high school football to the Edward Jones Dome to Augusta National to the Indianapolis Motor Speedway. Can be a place you’ve visited, or a place you’ve just seen on TV.

5. What’s your favorite movie of the summer thus far? What movie still to come are you most looking forward to? (this is a VERY easy one for me, but y’all have at it…)

6. Mrs. Dude touched on this topic the other day. What’s your song of the summer so far this year?

7. What’s the perfect summer food?