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Wednesday tidbits: Punto, Holliday, Boggs, Greene, etc

* Nick Punto will be headed to Florida when the Cardinals leave town for the West Coast. He’ll work out with the extended Spring Training folks for a few days, and could start playing EST games as soon as Monday.

* Matt Holliday continues to get closer. He ran on the field today and took some swings.

* Mitchell Boggs warmed up last night and would have come in the game in the 8th if the pitcher’s spot had come up in the bottom of the seventh. TLR said he’d still prefer to get Boggs one or two more low-leverage outings before really throwing him in the fire, but if the games don’t allow that, then the games don’t allow it.

* Tyler Greene will likely get a start over the weekend in San Francisco. He would play 2B against either Jonathan Sanchez on Friday or Barry Zito on Sunday. Greene is the only Cardinal hitter who has not started a game.

* ESPN announced that former Cardinal Mark Mulder will be doing some work on Baseball Tonight.

* Though TLR said yesterday that David Freese could have started today, in the end it was Daniel Descalso who got the call at 3B. The plan all along has been for Freese to play two out of three in the early going, so this isn’t a setback but rather just a case of staying with the plan.

And, finally, the playlist:
Letters to Cleo, “From Under the Dust”
New Order, “Elegia”
The Knife, “Neverland”
Nina Gordon, “Horses in the City”
R.E.M., “Gardening At Night”


Not done yet, but…

Cards are expecting to put Mulder on the DL tomorrow before the game starts. Jaime Garcia is the likely player to be called up, and they believe it’s do-able in time for the early start tomorrow.

Really a shame for Mulder, who has been through so much. What everyone said — and I echo it — is that most of all it’s unfortunate for the guy himself. I wish him luck in trying to get right.


Tuesday afternoon tidbits: Johnson to have surgery

Lotta stuff going on. Lotta ins, lotta outs, lotta what-have-yous.

* Tyler Johnson is going to have arthroscopic surgery on his shoulder, likely before the week is out.

* Mark Mulder threw a bullpen today — about 40 pitches, all sinkers.

* The Cardinals haven’t heard anything from the league about Yadier Molina’s outburst yesterday.

And in other stuff…

* Please welcome Lee Hurwitz, the new associate reporter at He’ll be filing some stuff for the site starting immediately, and I’m confident he’ll follow well in the footsteps of Conor Nicholl and Daniel Berk.

* I’ll be doing a chat tomorrow at 12 p.m. CT. I assume it’ll be linked from the main STL site. So come on down.

* In the new music category, loving M83’s album, and digging the new NIN.


Friday afternoon tidbits: Izturis works out

Greetings, all. Recharged after a couple days off, plus seeing Jimmy Buffett last night at whatever they call Riverport these days. Here are the tidbits:

* Izturis took BP and infield today, and is getting closer. He still looks like he’s not at game speed yet, to my eyes, but he’s getting there.

* We are about to get one heck of a storm here at Busch Stadium, though the radar makes it look like at least the thing will pass quickly. But the tarp is out and the sky is going very, very dark.

* TLR on closing, from his pregame session this afternoon: “There are no easy saves, I don’t care what the computer guys say. That old [bunk] about anybody can save a three-run lead in the ninth is one of the dumbest analytical comments that a guy that, sabermetricians, whatever they call themselves, can say. Getting three outs in the ninth is tough. It’s the last three outs. Just think about the psychological burden.”

* Mulder is taking the mound any minute now for Springfield. Here’s a link to the boxscore, and from there you can also get gameday and a live audio broadcast.


Thursday afternoon tidbits: Pineiro starting Sunday – UPDATED AGAIN

Greetings from my favorite ballpark in America, the absolutely perfect AT&T Park. Even a long and bumpy day of flights couldn’t ruin a day that includes a burrito from Taqueria Cancun, a cup of Intelligentsia Coffee and a game at this gem of a ballpark.

Even so, it’ll be nice to sleep in tomorrow…

Anyway, the tidbits.

* Joel Pineiro will start Sunday’s game against the Giants, and Brad Thompson will go to the bullpen. Thompson COULD be listed as an available reliever as soon as tomorrow. I’d have to figure that when Pineiro is activated, Kelvin Jimenez will be optioned, but that’s not based on anyone actually telling me anything.

* Mark Mulder pitched today, not last night, and did very well. Unofficially, he pitched five innings with one hit and no walks. That may not be EXACT, but if not, it’s very close. He’ll go Tuesday for Palm Beach, per John Mozeliak.

* Brendan Ryan will likely play in an extended spring training game within the next couple of days, but it is not completely certain yet. Ryan DID appear in an extended spring game today, playing five innings and getting two plate appearances.

* The bullpen is VERY thin tonight. Reyes is unavailable, and TLR says that both Franklin and Isringhausen are as well, with Flores not available for more than a batter or two. I’m inclined to believe that if they have a chance to win, you might well see Franklin and Izzy, but we’ll see.

* Still working on getting a Mulder update — should have something very soon.

* Tomorrow’s lineup will include Barton and Ludwick against Barry Zito, and my guess is he might choose tomorrow night to give Ankiel his first night off of the year. Best guess at a Friday starting outfield: Barton LF, Schumaker CF, Ludwick RF.

* STL lineup: Schumaker RF, Duncan LF, Pujols 1B, Ankiel CF, Glaus 3B, Molina C, Kennedy 2B, Wainwright P, Izturis SS

* SF lineup: Lewis LF, Rowand CF, Winn RF, Molina C, Durham 2B, Castillo 3B, Aurilia 1B, Bocock SS, Correia P.


Tuesday afternoon tidbits: Mulder's clock could start soon

Greetings from Houston, where it’s warm, humid and hazy, and where the music is good but loud (Shiny Toy Guns, very nice).

* Mark Mulder will throw another extended spring training game tomorrow, and after that, he could begin a proper rehabilitation assignment with the next game after that. So that would be Monday, April 14, and from there he’d have a 30-day rehab clock.

* Skip Schumaker is back in the lineup and leading off, as expected.

* Jason LaRue is in at catcher, as Molina gets a day off — TLR just said “it’s a good game for LaRue to play.” LaRue and Thompson have seemed to work well together in spring and in Thompson’s first start, so that’s very likely the main factor. Both guys are 1-for-4 vs Chacon.

* STL lineup: Schumaker RF, Duncan LF, Pujols 1B, Ankiel CF, Glaus 3B, Kennedy 2B, LaRue C, Thompson P, Izturis SS

* HOU lineup: Bourn CF, Pence RF, Berkman 1B, Lee LF, Tejada SS, Blum 3B, Loretta 2B, Towles C, Chacon P

Tuesday’s playlist:
New Order, “Sub-Culture”
Chemical Brothers, “The Private Psychedelic Reel”
Duran Duran, “Careless Memories”
Nirvana, “Heart Shaped Box”
Depeche Mode, “Barrel of a Gun”