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Sunday tidbits and lineup: Packing up

Greetings from my last day at camp. I’m northbound tomorrow, and the team will be out the day after that. They’re packing up the second truck, and it’s hitting the highway within the next hour or so. We’re definitely reaching the end.

* Speaking of the end, the weather is looking quite dicey for Tuesday’s game in Springfield. As a result, TLR sounded today very much like he expects Jaime Garcia to make his start that day in Jupiter against the Marlins, instead of at Hammons Field. As for other contingency plans, they’re yet to be made. But be sure, that’s one of the main items on the club’s agenda right now.

* With Miguel Batista on the team, the Cardinals are basically down to one roster question: Bryan Augenstein, Fernando Salas and Eduardo Sanchez for the last bullpen spot. TLR acknowledged that while part of the consideration is taking the best pitcher, another element will be the role that pitcher can fill. I.e., Augenstein, as a long man, has at least something of an advantage.

* TLR indicated that cuts could be made today.

* The manager said that he doesn’t expect anything too funky in his Opening Day lineup — that means Ryan Theriot leading off, Skip Schumaker somewhere down around 6th or 7th and likely Colby Rasmus batting second.

* Here’s the lineup for this afternoon against the Mets:

1. Rasmus CF (yep, that’s correct)
2. Craig RF
3. Pujols 1B
4. Holliday LF
5. Freese 3B
6. Laird C
7. Descalso 2B
8. Greene SS
9. McClellan P
And, finally, the playlist:

The Rolling Stones, “The Last Time”
Daft Punk, “One More Time”
U2, “Last Night On Earth”
Toy Matinee, “Last Plane Out”
Jeff Buckley, “Last Goodbye”


Are you experienced?

Baseball has a few set-in-stone rules, some of which are widely known to most fans and some of which are not. One that may be less well-known is this: service time trumps just about anything else.

When it comes to locker placement, jersey numbers, etc., it’s all about big league service time. Guys with experience get first pick. That fact was on display once again on Monday when clubhouse manager Rip Rowan told a few reporters about some new uniform numbers for the 2011 Cardinals.
* Jim Edmonds will, not surprisingly, receive his famous No. 15. Rowan said that when Edmonds was offered 15, the long-time star said he’d take it if Jon Jay would give it up. Well, that’s not really much of a choice for Jay. So Jay gave it up.
* Jay, then, gets No. 22. Raul Valdes, who had been ticketed to wear No. 22, will now take 37. Jay had expressed some interest in wearing No. 19, but Ramon Vazquez had already requested it. NOW you see about the service-time thing: Vazquez will be in camp on an NRI, with seemingly very little shot of making the roster. But he has seven years of big league service; Jay has half of one year. So 19 goes to Vazquez and Jay moves down to 22.
* Nick Punto will wear No. 8, bumping Allen Craig to No. 21. Again, service time. Craig takes Jason LaRue’s old number.
* And in a couple of other jersey tidbits, Miguel Batista will wear No. 44, with Ian Snell getting No. 48.
* As for the jerseys they’ll be wearing… In the regular season, they’ll be like they’ve always been. But the Cardinals have new Spring Training/batting practice jerseys this year. They actually got a choice of two different options, which you can see below:
Since I’m not a professional photog, and since this was taken on my iPhone, you can’t exactly tell a lot of details. But the one on the left features a good deal more blue. It has that blue that you can see on the top of the shoulders, and a strip of blue along the top of the back, above the player name.
Not surprisingly, the Cardinals chose the one on the right. Here’s a closer look at it:
It looks an awful lot like past Cardinals BP jerseys, and that’s no accident.