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Minors Monday

I’d like to try to do this a little more often. Not that I’ll outdo the fine work over at Future Redbirds, but let’s at least get a little prospect talk going now and then, what say?

The Official Prospect of, or at least of OYNAG, is still raking even after a promotion. Bryan Anderson is at 324/343/500 since coming up to Memphis, and 368/392/518 on the year. I’d like to see more walks and more power, but a lefty-swinging catcher who hits .300 is a pretty nice player. And five XBH in 34 ABs at Memphis is a very good start.

Another guy in the same boat, somewhat, is Nick Stavinoha. The former LSU Tiger (hi, Derrick!) is batting a ridiculous .377 and he’s not striking out much. But as an outfielder, he’ll need more secondary contributions than Anderson will at catcher.

At this point, the guy who really catches my eye at Memphis is Joe Mather, who is having a huge year at 315/432/562. That’s batting average AND secondary skills, and it’s extremely encouraging. One big year can be a fluke. Do it twice in a row and you’re onto something. Mather passes the eyeball test, too — you watch him play, and you think ballplayer.

On the pitching side, the guy who jumps out most to me is Jason Motte, who’s blowing guys away AND walking fewer than Chris Perez or Mark Worrell. A lot to like there, though. We’ll check in with Jaime Garcia after another start or two, but boy the first one was encouraging.

Florida State product Shane Robinson is still well over .400 — .434 to be exact. And best of all, he’s got an ISO of .195. A guy who entered the year with 21 XBH in 429 career Minor League ABs has 15 in 113 ABs this year.

After a slow start, Allen Craig is hot right now. He’s slugging .714 over his past 10 games, though he hasn’t walked in that span. On the year he’s at 274/329/466.

The bad news at SPFD is that some of the aggressively promoted pitchers are having a tough time, especially Adam Ottavino (7.04 ERA, 4 1/3 innings per start, 18 K, 14 BB, 4 HR in 21 2/3 innings). Clayton Mortensen’s superficial numbers aren’t a lot better (1-3, 5.61), but his peripherals are much better — 27 K, 13 BB, 4 HR in 33 2/3 innings.

Palm Beach:
As usual, it’s about the pitchers at PB. Jess Todd, a guy that lots of people seem to like quite a lot, is having a huge year thus far. 1.65 ERA, 35 K, 7 BB, 0 HR in 27 1/3 innings.

Mark McCormick is taking the ball regularly, which is good news in itself, and he’s striking out nearly a batter per inning. He’s also walking a lot of guys, nearly six per nine innings.

The guy who stands out with the bat at PB is a guy shaping up as one of the best pieces of news in the entire system this year — Daryl Jones. Kevin Goldstein, you may have been right all along. Jones is striking out a TON, but he’s also walking at a decent clip, hitting .323, slugging .462 and has five steals in six tries.

Tyler Henley, a guy who’s intrigued me since they drafted him, is at 313/370/531. He’s a guy to keep an eye on, a LHH from a major college program (Rice) with good OBP skills. He’s considered an outstanding defensive player as well.

Quad Cities:
Pete Kozma has cooled off a bit but is still having a terrific year at 293/382/457. I’m eager to see him play.