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Yadi out for the year; Pujols in

Yadier Molina underwent surgery today to repair a medial meniscus tear in his right knee. He’s out for the remainder of the year, but apparently it’s not expected to have any effect on his 2008 Spring Training or season.

Update, 6:45 pm — Pujols has been inserted in the lineup after originally being a scratch.


Guess who's back? Back again — UPDATES

Two updates: 1, the corresponding move on the 40-man roster is that Troy Cate has been designated for assignment. 2, Spiezio is now in the starting lineup, batting sixth and playing third base. David Eckstein has been scratched with back trouble.

Scott Spiezio is back with the team and eligible to play. He’s listed as an available sub on the lineup card. He talked pretty extensively to reporters this afternoon, so we’ll have more on all of that as the day goes on.

Putting everything else baseball-wise aside, it was good to see Scott, and he seemed to be in good spirits.

-M, with a lot of blogging ahead of me in the coming days, to go along with regular coverage of the team.

Rotation adjustments

Multiple adjustments/announcements to the rotation:

* Still Reyes for today.

* Wainwright will no longer pitch tomorrow (Thursday). In his place will be Wells.

* That’s because Wainwright is being pushed back to Friday, the opener of the Cubs series.

* That leaves Looper for the opener of Saturday’s doubleheader, and Pineiro in the second game.

* Mulder on Sunday against the Cubs.

* Monday and Tuesday vs Philadelphia to be determined, depending at least partly on how Reyes and Wells pitch this series, then back on rotation with Wainwright Wednesday 9/19 vs PHI, then Looper, Pineiro and Mulder the first three games at home against Houston.

* Down the road: Wainwright and Looper will go every five days from here on out. So Wainwright will pitch 9/19 at home vs PHI, 9/24 in the opener in Milwaukee and 9/29 in Pittsburgh. Looper will go 9/20 at home vs HOU, 9/25 in Milwaukee and 9/30, the final day of the season, in Pittsburgh.

-M, back in the saddle.

Rolen done for the year

The specific details remain to be worked out, but it’s been decided that Scott Rolen will, in fact, have surgery before the year is out. He’s done for the season.


Rotation tweaked

Just announced:

Wells Monday, Pineiro Tuesday, Mulder Wednesday, Maroth Thursday. Reyes out of rotation for time being, headed to bullpen. Those four, plus WW and Looper, comprise the current rotation.


I know that I don't know what I know

Here’s a roundup of what we actually know at this point:

* Russell Branyan has been acquired. He is expected to be added to the roster, but he hasn’t arrived yet. He’s driving from Nashville, expected to arrive around game time. It seems obvious that the corresponding move is to DL Rolen — and, in fact, according to the lineup sheet in the press box, they’ve done that. But TLR told us they haven’t heard about Rolen’s exam in Cincy today, and so it’s not a guarantee that Rolen will be the move. But Rolen, I’m very confident, will in fact be the move.

* Miguel Cairo is present. But not on the roster. He was brought up today to be protection at 3B, but then they pulled the trigger on the Branyan thing, and they didn’t need to add Cairo. Miguel is already in the organization, so he doesn’t actually have to be added to the 25 today. Branyan, however, has to be added today in order to be postseason-eligible.

* No pitching moves today.


See you in September

The Cardinals-Cubs makeup game, following Sunday’s rainout at Wrigley, has been scheduled for Sept. 10 at 2:20 p.m CT. Thanks to’s Carrie Muskat for the heads-up.

The Cardinals will stop in Chicago on the way from Arizona to Cincinnati. The Cubs will stop at home in between visits to Houston and Pittsburgh.

As of shortly after the game, Braden Looper sounded like it was in fact going to happen, but that he and the Cards hadn’t officially approved it. Looper is the Cards’ player rep.


Your lineup and weather on the 8s!

It’s 12:10 CT, and there’s even a smidge of sunshine peeking through the overcast. The tarp is off, and guys from both teams are warming up on the field. I have cautious optimism. The rumor seems to be that they won’t wait all night to try to get this in, since the Cubs go to the West Coast after the game.

The updated weather can be found here, and though the forecast looks forbidding, the radar map appears to give reason for optimism. So we’ll see.

Brendan Ryan is leading off and playing second base, with Eckstein at short in the 9 hole. As mentioned last night, Eckstein is 4-for-29 against Lilly. The full lineup: 1.Ryan 2B – 2.Ankiel LF – 3.Pujols 1B – 4.Encarnacion RF – 5.Rolen 3B – 6.Edmonds CF – 7.Molina C – 8.Pineiro P – 9.Eckstein SS


Cairo's back

The Cardinals have signed old friend Miguel Cairo to a Triple-A contract, and he’ll report to Memphis on Wednesday. Kelly Stinnett is also back in the fold; he played at Memphis yesterday. He’s likely to be called up when rosters expand.

As of this moment, the weather looks OK. The tarp is still out on the field but there doesn’t seem to be much, if anything, falling from the sky. The forecast is still pretty grim; too bad we can’t just start this thing right now. FWIW, the Cards and Cubs both have an off day on Sept. 10, though for both teams it’s in the middle of a multicity road trip.


Let's play two? — FINAL UPDATE

10:06 pm CT update — Obviously the game has been called. No doubleheader tomorrow. Makeup date TBA, will be either 8/27, 9/10 or 10/1. No change in the rotation.

6:56 pm CT update — The tarp is off, and they recently announced that the game is scheduled to start on time. -M.

Folks, you may be in for some World Series of Poker reruns on TV tonight. Because ESPN may not have a ballgame to broadcast.

This does not look good at all. And neither does the view outside my hotel room window. It’s raining steadily and heavily here in Chicago. Frankly, it doesn’t look a lot better tomorrow, either. That would seem to indicate to me that if we are rained out tonight, they may not try to scheduled a doubleheader for tomorrow, because you’d hate to lose the same game twice.

Keep your fingers crossed, but the situation doesn’t seem to suggest there will be baseball at Wrigley tonight.

-M, with some delicious Intelligentsia coffee by my side.