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Molina scratched — BUT NOT ENTIRELY

OK, here’s the NEW update. Molina is DH’ing tonight. LaRue is catching. Kennedy moves from DH to 2B, Miles comes out of the lineup.

Yadier Molina was originally in tonight’s lineup, batting seventh. But TLR just told us scribes that Molina has been scratched after all. Evidently he feels just fine, and he took BP on the field, but the imPACT testing still did not fully clear him. TLR said Molina would be available to pinch-hit if needed.

More tidbits to follow.


Re-assessing Rasmus

A few days back, maybe even a couple weeks ago by now, TLR made some comments that got a lot of people in a tizzy regarding Colby Rasmus. Essentially, he seemed to be saying that if the team was better with Rasmus as a part-timer, then he’d have no problem carrying Rasmus as a part-timer.

Today he said something different. I’m not sure whether to classify it as clarification, a change of position or what, but hopefully today’s comments sit better with a lot of the fan base:

"But the key thing is in this place, it would be a situation where he would play a lot.

"He needs to play at this point in his career.

(follow-up question, asking whether this really jibes with what he was saying earlier about it being OK if Rasmus was a 250-AB guy this year)

"If we have a void there, and we need him to win, yeah, we’ll take him. I don’t think we’re going to have a void there. I don’t know that we’re going to have a void. I think we have a legitimate competition."

(you’ve often talked about how players with options lose all ties. is that the case here?)

"He doesn’t win ties for one reason, because other guys he may be tied with are out of options, and he doesn’t win a tie because he needs to play. The optimum thing to do with him is to give him a lot of everyday experience. But that doesn’t mean, if all of a sudden we’re short of outfielders, and we need him, he’s [not] there."


Johnson update

Tyler Johnson has a "strained rotator cuff and tendinitis." He’ll be held out of pitching for a week, though he plans to do long toss and work on strengthening during that time. Haven’t talked to the medical staff yet, but Tyler seemed downright relieved — he was clearly worried it would be much worse.


Tyler Johnson scratched

Tyler has "tightness and weakness" in his left shoulder, per Barry Weinberg. He was scratched from a scheduled appearance today, after his warmup throw didn’t go very well. Will undergo an MRI on Monday. More to come on the site later this afternoon.


Thursday camp tidbits: Pineiro scratched

* Joel Pineiro apparently experienced some arm stiffness yesterday and was scratched from a live BP session. As a result, he’s been scratched from his scheduled Sunday start. TLR said the strength in the arm was good, for what that’s worth. I’ll write more as I have more, of course.

* A few of Mulder’s teammates watched his throw this morning and were very impressed. FWIW, of course, but it was unsolicited. They just brought it up to me.

* Juan Gonzalez starting at DH today, Kennedy leading off.

* Conversation has already started about roster spots in the wake of Spiezio’s release. TLR said Chris Duncan probably won’t see any more innings at 1B than he already would have. Said Joe Mather would take some groundballs there, but mostly emphasized that in his mind, 1B can be handled by nearly anybody who can play the infield. One name I find very interesting in the new situation: D’Angelo Jimenez, who switch-hits, plays three spots (not necessarily well, but plays them) and gets on base.


Spiezio released

John Mozeliak just announced that Spiezio has been released.

Molina signed — UPDATE, officially confirmed

Done and done. Four years, plus a club option. Still working on getting the dollars.



Nothing confirmed, but it looks very likely that the Cardinals are about to announce the signing of Yadier Molina — not sure whether we’re talking one year or multiple years, though.

Put the following pieces together, and a picture emerges:

1. The Cardinals are holding a news conference at 11:30.

2. It was just posted that Molina will be signing at noon, after he hadn’t previously been on the schedule.

You do the math.

As the Dude said, "You look for the person who will benefit, and, uh…"


News, of a sort

We got our first news of the day just a few minutes ago, chatting with Troy Glaus.

The newest Cardinal will wear No. 8 as a tribute to one of his favorite players from his youth, Cal Ripken Jr. Glaus, who has always worn 25, thought better of asking for that particular number in this particular city.


My take

I’ve done a lot of thinking about this deal over the past two days, and I think last night I finally hit on what I think about it. I sort of alluded to this in today’s mailbag, but this is my view:

It really comes down to whether you think the Cardinals HAD to move Rolen. That has to inform any assessment. If you think that the TLR-SR relationship was such a problem that they simply had to move him, then I think it’s hard not to like this trade. If you think it was workable, then it’s hard to like it too much.

Because I think, in the end, it’s a pretty even swap on value. Rolen’s top-end potential is higher. At his best, he’s at least as productive a hitter (look at that 2004 OBP… tasty!) and obviously a better fielder. But on the other hand, it seems that Glaus is more likely to reach MOST of his ability. His injury seems to be more manageable and seems to have less of an impact on his production. So whereas Rolen’s 90th percentile is something like 310/420/590 with a Gold Glove, his 50th percentile is a lot less than that.

So if you feel they had to move him, then I think you’ve got to be pleased that they’re not getting 50 cents on the dollar. If the premise is that they had no choice, then getting even value is actually a pretty nice accomplishment. But if you feel they didn’t have to move him, then there’s not much point in moving a guy for an equivalent guy. Devil you know, devil you don’t, etc etc etc.

And my copout personal analysis is that they felt they pretty much had to move him. So to get a genuinely productive hitter, and apparently at least a competent defender, is a nice pickup. I don’t give it a glowing, raving A-plus-plus, but I think I give it a solid B or so.


Edmonds official

Officially confirmed. Announcement coming any minute now.

I haven’t read through all the comments on the previous thread, but going through my email I suspect I have a pretty good idea of what y’all are saying. Here’s what I’ll say: wait until all the moves are done. I don’t think this can be assessed in a vacuum, because I think it’s only the first domino.

If it’s the last move, then yeah, it’s kind of strange.