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World Series

I just officially heard it for the first time, from a radio personality here:

"I just can’t see Colorado beating Boston in a seven-game series."

Absolutely preposterous. Just simply and utterly ridiculous. Please, everyone, don’t buy into this line of thinking, because it’s foolish. Baseball simply doesn’t work that way.

The ORIOLES could beat the Red Sox in a seven-game series. The GIANTS could beat the Red Sox in a seven-game series. This is not an 80-20 proposition. No playoff-caliber baseball team is a prohibitive favorite over any other playoff-caliber baseball team. The best team in the postseason is MAYBE a 60-40 favorite over the worst team in the postseason. And the Rox, assuredly, are not the worst team in the postseason.

Are the Red Sox the better team? You bet they are. They’re deep and balanced and the best team in baseball this year. If the two teams played 200 games, I’d say there was very little chance the Rockies would beat the Red Sox in the majority of those 200 games. But they’re playing seven games. And over seven games, one good team has pretty close to an even-money chance against another good team.

Then again, later in the same show I also just heard one of the on-air talents asking whether Colorado would have an advantage in cold weather. As though the Red Sox have never played games in the cold. You know, like, in Boston in the playoffs most years. ARGH. Trust me, I was there at Fenway in 04. Brutal weather.

I need to stop listening to sports radio.

-M, see below for the TLR post.