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Sunday lineup: Holliday, Molina out

Matthew Leach

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Odd looking lineup today against LHP Jorge De La Rosa. Explanations below:

1. Lugo, 2B
2. Ryan, SS
3. Pujols, 1B
4. Ludwick, LF
5. DeRosa, RF
6. Freese, 3B
7. LaRue, C
8. T.Greene, CF
9. Lohse, P

* Matt Holliday is sick and not in the lineup. A few guys have been dealing with illness in the clubhouse for a good while now, and it seems to have hit Holliday. He was in the clubhouse this morning, so it’s not so severe that he stayed back at the hotel or anything. But TLR said last night that he was getting weaker as the game went on, and Holliday is not in today.

* Yadier Molina is still sore after taking a ball off his left knee last night. Tuesday is a possibility for Molina’s return, but far from a certainty. That’s obviously why LaRue is starting.

* De La Rosa has a huge left/right split, which explains a couple of the moves — Lugo, for example. As for the outfield, this was the explanation. If Holliday had been well enough to play, he would have started in the outfield with DeRosa, and Ludwick in center. With Holliday a no-go, they needed another right-hander to play in the outfield, so they went with Greene. TLR said he simply didn’t like the idea of starting either of the LHH center fielders against De La Rosa.


Friday tidbits: Ryan, Rasmus, Molina

Matthew Leach

Blog: Obviously, You’re Not a Golfer
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Greetings from Denver. This is a truly wonderful city, and it’s an absolutely gorgeous night. 64 degrees at first pitch, a few clouds… fantastic.

* Brendan Ryan is back in the lineup, and said that his sore left pinkie finger is in fact feeling better. He said it was explained to him that the club liked the idea of giving him two days off plus Thursday off day in order to recover.

* Colby Rasmus bats in the fifth spot tonight. TLR didn’t give up a lot about the reasoning behind the decision, except to note that COL has a lot of RH relievers right now and this may make it a little more challenging to pitch the middle of the order.

* The skipper said he doesn’t plan to begin resting Yadier Molina a lot more once the Cardinals clinch. He noted, instead, that he’s already begun easing off Molina a little bit, giving him to recent days off. 2-out-of-3 looks like a pretty reasonable ratio to expect over the final three series, maybe a touch more, probably not less.

* A stat from STATS Inc that I received in my inbox today: “No team has scored first more often than the St. Louis Cardinals. They have scored the first run in an MLB-leading 90 games in 2009. Their opponents have paid for giving up the first run of the game, as the Cardinals are 69-21 when scoring first. Their .767 winning percentage in those games ranks second only to the .787 winning percentage of the Colorado Rockies, who are 59-16 when getting the first run.”

Today’s playlist:
Pearl Jam, “Unthought Known”
U2, “Until the End of the World”
Dramarama, “Until the Next Time”
Cure, “Untitled”
Garbage, “Untouchable”

(My iPod ended up on the U’s today. Started playing. Good songs kept coming up. Didn’t mess with it.)


Tuesday late night tidbits: Pujols, Molina, rotation, McClellan, Glaus, Ryan, Ludwick

Matthew Leach

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When you wait till the end of the night, it means even more tidbitty goodness. If you’re reading this in the morning, well, I hope in the words of Walter Sobchak, you’re “enjoying your coffee.”

* Albert Pujols “jammed” his wrist on a tag play in the seventh inning on Tuesday night, which is why he was removed from the game. However, TLR and Pujols both played it down, and Pujols was in fine spirits in the clubhouse after the game.

TLR said “he’s good to go.” It will be surprising if Pujols is not in the lineup on Wednesday.

* Yadier Molina took a pitch off his right index finger while he was catching in the first, but obviously he stayed in the game and was fine.

* The rotation for this weekend in Colorado will be as follows: Carpenter on Friday, Wainwright on Saturday, Lohse on Sunday. That was pretty well figured, but TLR didn’t confirm it until today. Pineiro said that he will go on Tuesday in the series opener in Cincinnati.

* The optimism level regarding Troy Glaus seems to be very low. John Mozeliak acknowledged this afternoon that Glaus’ injury is not typically a quick-healing kind of deal, and said the club expects to have a better read this weekend on whether Glaus will play again this season.

* TLR was cagey as to why Brendan Ryan didn’t start tonight, basically saying Ryan needed a day and this was the right day. He seemed to indicate that he preferred Lugo offensively against Yorman Bazardo, but honestly he just didn’t give much up — despite several questions. “Manager’s decision,” as Jimy Williams was so fond of saying.

Even so, PLEASE don’t go all conspiracy-theory on this one. I expect to see Ryan back in there tomorrow.

* The skipper also said that after a couple of missed executions by Ryan Ludwick in recent days, he wanted to give Ludwick a mental break — and that that mental break might even last through Wednesday.

* I was supposed to participate in this, but, well, I’ll be honest — I flaked. So I at least want to pass a link along to the most recent project by the United Cardinal Bloggers. It’s their Top 7 Prospects project. These folks all do some cool stuff, so give it a look.

* If you want to read about news from earlier in the day/night, please do. My Wagner Mateo story can be found here, and the call-ups can be found here.

And, finally, a playlist:

“After Midnight,” Eric Clapton
“In the Midnight Hour,” Wilson Pickett
“Living After Midnight,” The Donnas (yes, I prefer their cover)
“Midnight Rambler,” Rolling Stones
“Prove It All Night,” Bruce Springsteen


Monday evening tidbits: Lohse, Smoltz, Glaus, LaRue, Ryan

Greetings on a beautiful Monday night. It’s been an amazing summer, and that’s continuing into late summer.

* Kyle Lohse’s start this weekend, which was tentatively expected to be Friday, appears to be in some doubt. He’s once again feeling some discomfort in his right forearm. An exact plan has not been determined yet, but it seems likely that Lohse will miss the Cubs series.

However, the flipside of that is that John Smoltz is progressing very well from his shoulder tendinitis and could be ready before his originally scheduled start on Sunday. So it’s looking likely that Smoltz will be bumped up a day or two, with Carpenter and Wainwright getting the other two starts over the weekend.

* Troy Glaus suffered an injury to an oblique muscle over the weekend — TLR didn’t specify which one, and we weren’t able to talk to Glaus after we were informed — and is unavailable tonight.

* Jason LaRue got the start behind the plate in Yadier Molina’s place. It’s partly because TLR was looking for a day to give Molina a break and partly because the LaRue-Wellemeyer combination has worked before.

* Brendan Ryan likewise got a night off, but it’s just a night off. TLR didn’t explicitly say so, but I’d guess that part of the reason is that if you’re going to play Lugo at SS behind anybody, it should be Wellemeyer. He’s not a groundball guy at all.

Tonight’s playlist is one I’ve had in the back pocket for a few days, following an outdoor screening last week of The Big Lebowski:
Bob Dylan, “The Man in Me”
Kenny Rogers and the First Edition, “Just Dropped In”
Gipsy Kings, “Hotel California”
CCR, “Lookin’ Out My Back Door”
Townes Van Zandt, “Dead Flowers”


Saturday tidbits: Sim for Lohse, rehab for Wellemeyer, more

Matthew Leach

Two rehabbing Cardinals pitchers are getting much closer to being activated, though they’ll progress in quite different ways in the coming days.

Kyle Lohse will throw a simulated game sometime in the next few days in preparation for returning to the St. Louis rotation. As of now, the plan is that Lohse will not go on a Minor League rehabilitation assignment.

“He just needs to get back out there,” manager Tony La Russa said, “and we think he can get the work here and we can give some of our guys some extra swings.”

Lohse, who is sidelined with a left groin strain, is eligible to come off the disabled list in eight days, on Sunday, Sept. 6. That would be almost a perfect fit for the Cardinals, who have an off day on Monday and thus would next need a fifth starter one day earlier.

As for Wellemeyer, he told reporters on Saturday afternoon that he will soon head out on a rehab assignment. He’ll go to Nashville to pitch for Triple-A Memphis on Monday and Wednesday, buildup to a return to the active roster as a reliever.

“Probably 30-40 pitches both days,” Wellemeyer said. “Maybe 30 on Monday and 30 on Wednesday.”

In other Cardinals tidbits for Saturday…

* Jason LaRue gets the start in place of Yadier Molina. TLR had been looking for a day for Molina to get a breather, and he wants Molina catching pretty much all of the other four starters these days. So it’s Mitchell Boggs with LaRue again.

* The lineup features Brendan Ryan back in the No. 2 spot in the order, as Washington has a decent pair of LH relievers in Ron Villone and Sean Burnett. When that’s the case, Rasmus or Ankiel hits down in the order so as to split up the two LH hitters in the order.

* Today is photo day at Busch Stadium.

This afternoon’s playlist on an absolutely spectacular late-summer afternoon:
Stone Roses, “Fools Gold”
Bob Marley, “Waiting in Vain”
R.E.M., “Harborcoat”
Everclear, “Pale Green Stars”
The Libertines, “What Became of the Likely Lads”


Wednesday tidbits: Boggs and the rotation, Motte and the bullpen, Thompson, Molina

It’s another amazingly nice night at Busch Stadium, with a game-time temp of 85 degrees. Thanks to a nice breeze it feels milder than that.

* TLR wouldn’t commit to anything in the rotation beyond Sunday. For the weekend against the Padres, it will be Wainwright, Pineiro and Lohse. Monday in Los Angeles is the question mark. It could be Chris Carpenter on four days’ rest, or they could choose to give Carpenter the extra day, pitch him Tuesday and go with someone else on Monday.

It’s telling, though, that Mitchell Boggs was not sent down after yesterday’s game. That would seem to indicate that he will get another start. The question is whether that will be Monday or Tuesday. Either way, the next turn would come over the weekend against the Padres at PETCO Park.

One difference, as things go forward. If Carpenter pitches on Monday, he could go the following Saturday, and that would allow him to pitch at home against Houston on Aug. 27, rather than over the following weekend against Washington.

* The skipper acknowledged that Jason Motte is struggling, and that the Cardinals are looking for some right-handed relief help. Per his usual m.o., he refused to give much of a “scouting report” about what’s going on with Motte, but he said he believes it’s not similar to Kyle McClellan last year, when McClellan seemed to fade as a result of a heavy workload.

As for the possibilities for help, La Russa acknowledged that both John Smoltz and Justin Speier hold some appeal. However, there’s a catch with Smoltz. If he wanted to pitch in relief, he could simply have accepted the Red Sox’s assignment to the Minors, get conditioned for bullpen work, and come back and pitch out of the pen for Boston. That did not appeal to him. Thus, it’s likely that if he’s traded, it will be to a team that would use him in the starting rotation.

By comparison, Speier was released. He is a free agent. He could be had for nothing more than a roster spot and a pro-rated portion of the Major League minimum salary. He’s a very interesting name, and probably better than his 5-plus ERA suggests. He’s remained effective against right-handed hitters, and his strikeout rate is still excellent.

* Brad Thompson’s appeal for his suspension is scheduled to take place on Aug. 25 via videoconference.

* Yadier Molina is in the No. 8 spot today, which is not at all TLR’s preference. He likes having someone with a little speed batting eighth, because it’s tough to sacrifice with a slow runner on first base. However, the only other option, in La Russa’s mind, was to bat Ankiel second, Brendan Ryan eighth and Molina sixth or seventh. And he strongly preferred to split up the only two left-handed hitters in the lineup, Schumaker and Ankiel.

Tonight’s playlist:
Depeche Mode, “In Chains”
Pilot Speed, “Barely Listening”
Gossip, “Heavy Cross” (loving this tune)
Teddybears, “Yours to Keep”
U2, “Moment of Surrender”


Thursday tidbits: Ludwick, Molina, rotation

* Ryan Ludwick is not in the starting lineup tonight, but it’s just a scheduled night off, no big deal.

TLR on the decision: “He’s played a lot, and I wanted to get Ankiel in there and I wanted to get Rasmus in there. it’s not going to hurt him to take a day. he’d definitely like to play.”

* Yadier Molina, however, IS in there even after catching 15 innings last night. The skipper said he checked with Molina last night and again this afternoon, and he was good to go. It seems very likely he’ll have the next three games, with the rookie and then Carpenter and Wainwright, so I’m a bit surprised by the decision not to give him a rest tonight.

* TLR is not committing to a rotation for the coming days, but it seems to shake down pretty cleanly: Boggs Friday, Carpenter and Wainwright over the weekend. Pineiro and Lohse in New York, followed by Carpenter, Wainwright and Pineiro in Pittsburgh. After tomorrow, they’d next need a fifth starter on Aug. 11 against Cincinnati at home.

* Following last night’s lengthy game, the Cardinals did change up their routine a bit. Players were told that they could arrive an hour later, and there was no batting practice on the field.

Today’s playlist:
Duran Duran, “Careless Memories”
Blur, “There’s No Other Way”
Chromeo, “Needy Girl”
Electronic, “Reality”
Garbage, “Silence Is Golden”


Tuesday tidbits: Molina, Rasmus

Belated tidbits. I’m working on some national stuff for another night, which means game coverage is again in the capable hands of associate reporter B.J. Rains. Check out his blog at

* Yadier Molina is back in the lineup after sitting out a couple of days due to a bruised thigh, which he suffered in a collision with Michael Cuddyer on Saturday.

* Colby Rasmus is considered playable after missing some time with a hiatal hernia (which, for those concerned, is drastically different from a sports hernia). However, with lefty Randy Johnson on the mound for the Giants, Rasmus will sit out another night.

* The lineup looked a bit odd today, with Mark DeRosa at third while Joe Thurston is in the outfield, and Tyler Greene at second base while Brendan Ryan is at short. According to TLR, in both cases it has to do with regular roles. He expects DeRosa to play a lot at third, and Ryan to play a lot at short, so he wanted to minimize the disruption to those two guys. It seems to me the better defensive lineup might have DeRo in the outfield and Thurston at 3B, and Greene at SS with Ryan at 2B, but that is the reasoning.

* Additionally, DeRosa is in the 2 spot tonight because he’s had a hard time against Johnson. Normally he’ll hit fourth against lefties, but Johnson is not a good matchup for him so he’s in the 2 spot instead.

Today’s playlist, round two of Bay Area tunes:
Counting Crows, “Angels of the Silences”
Cake, “Short Skirt/Long Jacket” (Sacramento, but that’s pretty close)
Primus, “Tommy the Cat”
Black Rebel Motorcycle Club, “In Like the Rose”
The Donnas: “Hot Pants”
(wonder if I can do four of these?)


Monday tidbits: Molina, Ryan, Mortensen, Greene – UPDATED

Very nice day at Busch Stadium today, will probably drop into the 80s by first pitch, clear and some breeze.

* One late update: Colby Rasmus is sitting due to a hiatal hernia. He’s likely to return to the active lineup on Wednesday.

* Yadier Molina is out again today due to a bruised right thigh. He sustained the injury on Saturday in a collision with Michael Cuddyer at home plate. Molina is likely to return to the lineup on Tuesday.

TLR comment:

“He’s still sore. He’s better than he was yesterday, and it would be a push to play him. We’re in the last two weeks of the first half. there’s no reason to do that. I expect he’ll play tomorrow.

“He got blasted right there in that muscle, and the muscle was really bruised to where he was having trouble yesterday squatting. Today he’s a little bit better but it’s still a push.”

* As already reported, Khalil Greene has been placed on the disabled list due to social anxiety disorder. Clayton Mortensen’s contract was purchased from Triple-A Memphis. Mortensen is present and available to pitch. He’s wearing No. 54.

* Brendan Ryan is back in the lineup after missing three days due to wrist soreness. He had a cortisone shot on Friday, and after the usual three days’ downtime, he’s back in there. TLR said he doesn’t expect that Ryan will be limited or restricted in how he can be used.

* Albert Pujols continues to hold a commanding lead at first base in All-Star balloting, and Yadier Molina is in the lead at catcher.

Today’s playlist, a Bay Area special:
Sly and the Family Stone, “I Want to Take You Higher”
Jefferson Airplane, “Somebody to Love”
Faith No More, “Midlife Crisis”
Rancid, “Roots Radicals”
Metallica, “Disposable Heroes”


Monday transaction and lineup

Clayton Mortensen is on the active roster, and Khalil Greene is on the disabled list.

Brendan Ryan is back in the lineup, but Yadier Molina is still out.

Tonight’s lineup vs RHP Tim Lincecum:
1. Skip Schumaker 2B
2. Mark DeRosa 3B
3. Albert Pujols 1B
4. Ryan Ludwick RF
5. Chris Duncan LF
6. Rick Ankiel CF
7. Jason LaRue C
8. Brad Thompson P
9. Brendan Ryan SS